Who We Are

HK Pegasus focus on researching the application of cellulose ether for more than 12 years. Our products are widely use in a variety of industrial applications as adhesives, binders, extrusion aids, plasticizers, protective colloids, rheology modifiers, stabilization agents, thickeners and water-retention agents.

Why Choose Us

1.SGS certificate offered for some products
2. Professional chemical suppliers with rich experience 
3. standard service to your orders
4. OEM order acceptable 
5. Full-time tracking your orders 
6.Quality control, Warehousing & Logistics service, customs declaring and tracking your order continuously. 

Our Service

1. Free sample available
2. Trial order acceptable
3. Customized packing acceptable
4. Flexible payment terms
5. Professional service team take care of your orders
6. Certified cargo inspection process
7. Standard service of loading / documentation (cargo loading report ) to each order

Our Business Scope

1. Food additives ,thinker, adhesive and sealants coating materials ,Oil Drilling .
2. Detergent Grade CMC . 
3. Concrete Additives -SNFC,
4. Construction Materials CMC & HPMC,Putty powder .