Application in Food Grade CMC



1%Soln.Brookfield Viscosity (mpa·s)500-2000
PH     6.0-8.5
Degree of Substitution0.9 min
(Cl %)                                   ≤1.2
Loss on Drying(%)            ≤10.0
Heavy Metals(As pb)(%)≤0.0015
Fe(%)                                   ≤0.02
As(%)                                   ≤0.0002
Pb(%)                                   ≤0.0005
Total Plate Count(cfu /g)     ≤500
Mould&Yeasts(cfu /g)     ≤100
E.coli(cfu /g)    None
Salmonella(cfu /g)None
Staphy lococcus

Aureus (cfu /g)



We can produce other types of CMC which have different viscosity or purity

on customer’s special requirements.




The function of CMC in food:

Water retention: Reduce the dehydration and contraction of food , to extend the shelf life of food;

Film forming properties: The formation of a layer of plastic film in fried food to prevent excessive absorption of fat;

Chemical stability: The chemical ,thermal and light stability, has certain anti mildew properties;

Thickening property:Obtain high viscosity at low concentration. Can control the viscosity of food processing, while giving food lubrication;

Dispersion stability: Maintain the stability of food quality, prevent oil-water stratification(emulsification),control the size of crystals in frozen foods(reduce ice crystals)

One: Application in dairy products prevent milk protein, casein and other condensation and stratification; Evenly dispersed maintain the stability of the dairy quality; Prolong the shelf life of dairy products.

Two: Application in ice cream:Prevent ice crystal growth, improve the expansion rate; Resistance to melt, shape, improve the taste; Reduce the use of solid raw materials, reduce the cost of production of ice cream; Make water, fat ,protein, such as the formation of a uniform, dispersed and stable mixture.

Three: Application in bread: Make the bread honeycomb; Increase volume, decrease the bread dregs, and prevent the bread hard because of lack of water to maintain the appearance of shape; Make the bread presents a soft, sweet, soft characteristics.

Four: Application in instant noodles Resistance to boiling; Delicate taste, lubrication Increase the toughness of noodles; Save oil, reduce production costs.

Five: Others: Food grade CMC and other similar products have:High acid tolerance;High salt tolerance; High grade of transparency; Very few fiber, less gel particles; The solution dissolve fast, the solution is of good fluidity, and the molecular distribution is uniform; The CMC reached 99.5%,high purity,to ensure that food form other materials.