Drilling Starches



  • Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC) salt resistance: because ion and the polyelectrolytein exsist in this product, its metal salt or organic electrolyte aqueous solution is stable.


  • Surface activity: HPMC for daily chemical aqueous solution has the surface activity, ensuring its emulsification, protective colloid and relative stability.


  • Low ash content: because ion exist in this product, in preparation process we can use hot water washing for effective refinement, so its ash content is very low.


  • pH stability: HPMC aqueous solution viscosity in the range of pH3.0-11.0 is more stable.


  • Water retention effect: this product is hydrophilic and its solution has high viscosity.


  • Film-forming property: HPMC can generate strong pliable and transparent sheet, which has the good oil resistance to ester performance.





Methoxyl content (-OCH3),w/%20.0 – 28.0
Hydroxypropyl content (-OCH2CHOOHCH3),w/%5.0-11.0
Gelling temperature, °C55-80
Moisture content ,w/%max 1%
Residue on ignition,w%max 1.5%
Lead (Pb), ppmmax 2
Arsenic (As) ,ppmmax 2
Heavy metalmax 20
Viscosity (mpa.s)5-200,000