Methyl Cellulose (CMC)

Methyl Cellulose (CMC)

Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose (Cellulose Gum or CMC) is extracted from wood pulp and pure cotton cellulose. Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose can be divided into industrial grade and food grade.


Technical Specifications of Food Grade CMC



1%Soln.Brookfield Viscosity (mpa·s)200-500500-20002000-30003000-4000≥4000
PH     6.0-8.5
Degree of Substitution≥0.92≥0.92≥0.92≥0.90≥1.0
(Cl %)                                   ≤1.2
Loss on Drying(%)            ≤10.0≤8.0
Heavy Metals(As pb)(%)≤0.0015
Fe(%)                                   ≤0.02
As(%)                                   ≤0.0002
Pb(%)                                   ≤0.0005
Total Plate Count(cfu /g)     ≤500
Mould&Yeasts(cfu /g)     ≤100
E.coli(cfu /g)    None
Salmonella(cfu /g)None
Staphy lococcus

Aureus (cfu /g)



1、We can produce other types of CMC which have different viscosity or purity

on customer’s special requirements.

2、For High purity CMC (purity ≥99.5%),and “A” after the type name.



The function of CMC in food:

Water retention: Reduce the dehydration and contraction of food ,to extend the shelf life of food;

Film forming properties: The formation of a layer of plastic film in fried food to prevent excessive absorption of fat;

Chemical stability: The chemical ,thermal and light stability, has certain anti mildew properties;

Thickening property:Obtain high viscosity at low concentration. Can control the viscosity of food processing, while giving food lubrication;

Dispersion stability: Maintain the stability of food quality, prevent oil-water stratification(emulsification),control the size of crystals in frozen foods(reduce ice crystals)

One: Application in dairy products prevent milk protein, casein and other condensation and stratification; Evenly dispersed maintain the stability of the dairy quality; Prolong the shelf life of dairy products.

Two: Application in ice cream:Prevent ice crystal growth, improve the expansion rate; Resistance to melt, shape, improve the taste; Reduce the use of solid raw materials, reduce the cost of production of ice cream; Make water, fat ,protein, such as the formation of a uniform, dispersed and stable mixture.

Three: Application in bread: Make the bread honeycomb; Increase volume, decrease the bread dregs, and prevent the bread hard because of lack of water to maintain the appearance of shape; Make the bread presents a soft, sweet, soft characteristics.

Four: Application in instant noodles Resistance to boiling; Delicate taste, lubrication Increase the toughness of noodles; Save oil, reduce production costs.

Five: Others: Food grade CMC and other similar products have:High acid tolerance;High salt tolerance; High grade of transparency; Very few fiber, less gel particles; The solution dissolve fast, the solution is of good fluidity, and the molecular distribution is uniform; The CMC reached 99.5%,high purity,to ensure that food form other materials.


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